How to Be Passively Aggressive With Your Money (on Any Income)

How a Lazy, Non-Rich Person Started Investing

It was the tweet heard around the world. OK, it may have only reached the fringes of the personal finance world. I’ve mentioned controversial tweets before, but last week another tweet touting the same “unrealistic” savings benchmarks pissed people off again: And again, all the defeatist replies made me sad as hell: “That’s cute that you […]

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How to Talk to Your Partner About Money…When They’d Rather Talk About Literally Anything Else

How to Talk to Your Partner About Money

*Guest post: I often get messages from readers who are struggling with how to have productive money conversations with their significant others, so I’m excited about this post! Money is such a huge part of relationships, and a source for arguments in said relationships. I could have easily written an article about this myself, but […]

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